About us


True Life Church strives to spread the Word of the Lord not only in our local community but worldwide as well.


Friendly people with a sunny disposition. Caring for each other is allowing God’s love to influence how you respond and relate to others. It’s doing what you can to make others feel wanted, welcome and needed.

Bible Translation

Our preferred version is the New King James Version. The New King James keeps the strength of the original wording of the King James while making difficult passages easier to understand by replacing old English with today’s modern English.

An Uplifting Vision

Our vision is to build a church with a strong foundation where people have a firm knowledge of, and passion toward God. This includes discipling believers and developing mature leaders who work as a team to fulfill the vision of the church.

Pastor Terry and Pastor Kris

Pastor Terry and Pastor Kris have been married for nearly 40 years. Together they have pioneered and pastored several churches.

A Church Built on Fellowship and Christ

Jesus was our example in how fellowship impacted those around Him. He ate with His disciples and those who were not yet following Him. In Acts, the apostles went from house to house fellowshipping and breaking bread with one another. Fellowship in the life of the church is the initial “glue” in forming relationships.